Above my station

Dress: Incantation Gown (Blood) by Valentina E. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Melissa (Black Amber) by D!va
Necklace & Rings: Celestine Heart by Maxi Gossamer NEW @ Uber
Bracelets: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II FLF (Jamaica A) by Glam Affair

Location: Saint Pete City

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Chat Up Line

Dress: Adriana (Ivory/Maitreya) by erratic NEW @ Uber
Hair: Amadi (Reds & Browns) by +elua+ NEW @ Uber
Necklace & Rings: Celestine Heart by Maxi Gossamer NEW @ Uber
Bracelets: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II FLF (Jamaica D) by Glam Affair

Location: Saint Pete City

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But still I walk the side streets home

Dress & Top:  Ginny Dress + Top (Pink) by *LpD* NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: Ximena (Gingers) by Truth NEW
Shoes: Yara Heels (Tan) by fri.day NEW @ Uber
Bracelets: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II FLF (Jamaica A) by Glam Affair
Poses by Rachel

Location: Ironwood Hills

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Why, hello!

Dress: Denim Bustier Dress (Blue polka dot) by miss chelsea NEW @ Uber (includes belt)
Hair: Benita (Light Blondes) by Truth NEW
Shoes: Katarina Sandals (Black) by Pure Poison NEW @ Uber
Bracelet: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Eles (America 05 B) by Glam Affair NEW gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Tent (inc. Couch, Strawberries etc.): Summer Garden Boudoir by Boudoir NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Pose: Ariana (Pose 3 (top)/Pose 6 (bottom) by pose+ivity

I don’t often highlight a pose in these blogs but I found this elegant pose almost by accident and just love it.  It’s by pose+ivity and I probably should be posing in a Regency dress to do it justice, though this beautifully detailed dress from miss chelsea is almost as good at doing the job!  I’ve just realised I hadn’t highlighted this new Truth hair in a blog yet – very remiss of me because it’s gorgeous!

Rachel xxx

Enchantee, monsieur 2

Queen of Night


Dress: Betty’s Gown (Blush Brocade) by Junbug NEW @ Collabor88
Hair: Yunie (Moon stone) by D!va NEW @ Collabor88
Necklace: QtUnicorns Necklace (Candy Glitters) by Glam Affair NEW @ Collabor88
Bracelet: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Skin: Sia (Arctic 04 A) by Glam Affair NEW @ Leaf on the Wind (Benefit Release)
Body: Lara v2.1 by Maitreya NEW
Pose (top pic):
Trying to sulk male by Del May
Pose (bottom pic): by Rachel Price using Animare

I really struggled to find a location for this lovely brocade gown by Junbug now available at Collabor88, but in the end I found the answer in the night sky, thanks largely to lovely Danni Ravinelli who showed me where to get the moon brush from! I think you might find moons crop up in a few pictures now 😊

L&K Rachel 💄

Star Child

The woman at the well


I know I only just blogged but I wanted to share this picture with you as I think this is the best of me to date and I hope you find something in it too. I got this Secret Store shawl from the Arcade Gacha event and realised it needed a special picture and I found the perfect location at the fountain by the little chapel on the Sarawak sim. I was somehow reminded of the biblical story of Christ meeting the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:1-21) and with this pose I’ve tried to recreate the sort of illustrations and colouring you used to get in old childrens’ bible story books. I hope you like it.


Sweater: Love (Slate) by coldLogic NEW
Skirt: Love (Turquoise) by coldLogic NEW
Shawl & Hair: Winter Shawl and Side Bangs (Floral III) by The Secret Store NEW The Arcade Gacha
 December (Asia 04 C) by Glam Affair NEW @ The Arcade Gacha
Bracelets: My Squared Diams Bracelet (Gold) by La Penderie de Nicole

Believe in me


Dress: Helena (Lavender) by Junbug GROUP GIFT
Hair: Manon (Type B/Black Amber) by D!va
Necklace: Elly by [LNS Designs]
Bracelets: My Squared Diams Bracelet (Gold) by La Penderie de Nicole
Skin: Miko (Asia) by Glam Affair NEW @ The Kawaii Project
Eyebrows: Emily (Blonde) by Lara Hurley
Hands: Relaxed (Right) and Elegant (Left) by Slink
Poses: by {Imeka}

Alirium http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/alirium/203/73/1607

The best things in life are free.  Well, almost free!  I’ve always loved Junbug gowns – though I guess they’re aimed at the role playing market their dresses are just so adorable just as ordinary (or should I say extraordinary!) evening gowns. So for just 200L to join their group (I did say almost free) you can pick up this wonderful group gift which would be fit for any Prince Charming who just happened to be wandering by :). I’ve paired it with a couple more new things. I visited the Kawaii Project for the first time yesterday and picked up this beautiful skin from Glam Affair.  The bottom pic, which I’ve hardly photoshopped at all (honest!) shows how smooth the textures are on it.  Well worth an investment I think. I also paid another visit to the D!va store for this wonderful updo.  Eventually I think I’ll buy the whole store!!

L&K Rachel 💋

Lighten our darkness

The clear light of day


Top pic:
Hair: Malibu (Light Blonde) by Truth
Dress: Royalty Mesh Gown (Sky Blue) by Apple May Designs
Skin: Patty (Pale/Blonde Eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Bottom pic:
Dress: Vintage Lace Gown (Red) by Maitreya
Hair: Tina (Red amber) by D!va
Skin: Patty (Pale/Ginger Eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Both pics:
Hands: Elegant by Slink
Bracelet: My Squared Diams Bracelet (Gold) by La Penderie de Nicole
Makeup: Winter Pallette Glace Makeover (eye/lip 2) by [mock]
Eyes: Sunrise (Deep blue) by IKON
by {Imeka}

Alirium http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/alirium/104/97/1607 (top pic)
Paris 1900, Notre Dame http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%201900/40/41/25  (bottom pic)

I said in my last post I’d wear some gowns from my inventory and here they are, one totally gorgeous ball gown and one totally gorgeous evening dress. The ball gown is from Apple May Designs and makes me feel like i’m floating on air. The forest in Alirium seemed the perfect place to pose in it – i feel like a damsel waiting for her knight :).  The slinky red evening dress, a relatively recent release from Maitreya, seemed to have a bit of a fin de siècle air so I came to Paris 1900 in search of inspiration. However, rather than the Moulin Rouge it was Notre Dame that took my attention and instead of a spot of carousing with Toulouse Lautrec I seem to be doing a bit of testifying!!

L&K Rachel ❤️

P.S. I am away for a couple of days, but hopefully I’ll have another blog on the go before the end of the week


Smile for the camera


Dress: Lily (Blue) by OVH NEW @ Kustom9
Hair: Kalli2 (Moon stone) by D!va NEW
Camera: Elfman Vintage Camera (Black) by -ATTIC- NEW Gacha @ Kustom9
Boots: Autumn (Plum/Female) by Pixicat NEWKustom9
Bracelet: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Body: Physique by Slink
Skin: Patty (Pale/Blonde eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Hands: Relaxed by Slink
Pose: Camera Pose by Rachel Price NEW (top pic) Charmy (Pose 4) by {Imeka} (bottom pic)

D!va Main Store Isle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CalanDiva/50/54/25

In my last post I promised some new stuff from Kustom9 and I keep my promises! I’ve seen so much nice stuff by OVH in the last few weeks and here’s another winner, a beautifully flouncy strapless minidress that’s available, as usual with OVH, in a selection of gorgeous colours. Also at Kustom9 is this intricately detailed vintage camera from Attic, just the thing to help me with my chosen SL career 😊. I feel like Eddie Albert in Roman Holiday! On the bottom pic you can see the last steal from Kustom9, a lovely pair of boots from Pixicat. As you know, I’ve fallen in love with D!va hair, and as well as taking these pics on the D!va sim, I bought another new hair from the D!va store, the Kalli2 hair. It’s not quite as gorgeous as Tina and Nicole, but these things are relative – it’s still gorgeous!

You’ll notice how i’m working the camera in the top pic. I’ve using DAZ Studio 4.6 via this helpful guide in JuicyBomb’s blog, and it really is incredibly easy. Producing this pose took about 15 minutes (though it’s not the first I’ve done and it might take you a little bit longer the first time you try to make one). Well worth doing though if you want that extra special pose. And DAZ Studio is absolutely free!!

L&K Rachel 💋💋💋


From the back of the wardrobe #1


Hair: Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va
Skin: Gigi (Blonde/Makeup 4) by Curio
Freckles: by Izzie’s
Necklace: Elly by [LNS Designs]
Bracelet: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Dress: Bowlicious (Vanilla) by The Secret Store
Heels: 80s heels by HOC Industries
Dress: Marissa (Peacock) by Eclectic
Heels: Satin Wrap heels (Black) by Leverocci
Dress: Sara One Shoulder Dress by FLRN GROUP GIFT
Heels: Aria (Tangerine) by [Decoy]

My N30 Photography Studio

One of the worst bugbears of Second Life is forgetting all the wonderful stuff you’ve bought.  You know what it’s like – you buy what you think is the best dress ever in the whole world and three weeks later you’ve bought half a dozen more and you forgot you ever got it, despite it still being gorgeous.  So… I thought that from time to time when (especially when my SL funds are getting a bit low!) I’d feature some of the forgotten treasures from the back of my SL wardrobe. This first post features three lovely mini dresses.

I’ve got so much stuff from The Secret Store recently that I’d forgotten I got this beautifully simple dress with a clever bow-shaped collar.  I’ve paired it with some retro-style heels from HOC which have a great colour HUD, including some wonderful poppy colours if you are a group member.  In the middle is a lovely little peplum dress with a twist by Eclectic that I’ve paired with my Satin Wrap heels for Slink medium feet from Leverocci. The pièce de résistance is the dress on the right, a stunning one shoulder dress from FLRN which I’ve paired with my new heels from Decoy.  Would you believe this is a group gift, still available at the FLRN store? I think it’s one of the most detailed and stylish group gifts I’ve ever seen.

Why not try a bit of rummaging yourselves? You never know what gems you might find!

L&K Rachel 💋💋💋


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