Blast from the past

Classic coldLogic fashion from 2015 found at the back of my closet.

Top: Anton (Peach) by coldLogic NEW
Skirt: Aubrey (Grey) by coldLogic NEW
Hair: Ramona (Diversity) by enVOGUE NEW
Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Mira (Catwa/America) by Glam Affair NEW Gachas @ The Arcade
Eyeshadow: Passion (Catwa) by Arte NEW eBENTO
Lipstick: Glossy (Catwa) by Arte NEW 

Love, Rachel ❤️

Entente cordiale

Pose (top): Silences by XXY NEW @ Pose Lover
Pose (bottom): La Pelle (Pose 3) by XXY NEW @ Pose Lover
Rachel is wearing: 
Dress: Simone (Jersey Pack/30 Colours) by Hilly Haalan NEW @ Très Chic
Hair: Acadia (Light Blondes) by Truth NEW @ Uber
Bracelets: Audrey by Sweet Lies NEW RARE Gachas @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: Macey Platforms (Coal/Maitreya) by NEW @ Uber
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (America 01 A) by Glam Affair
Chanelle is wearing:
Pants: Leather Leggings (Black) by Maitreya
Jacket & Shirt: Combo Tate (Onyx) by coldLogic
Hair: Lunara (Black & Whites) by Truth
Sunglasses: Custom Sunglasses (Butterfly) by [Gos]
􀀂􀀂Ring: Lotus mood ring by JCNY
Skin: Faith by PXL

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Making my point

Top: Hyland (Blues) by coldLogic
Jeans: Zipper Skinny (#3) by Maitreya
Boots: Jessica (Rawhide) by NEW Collabor88
Hair: Joyce (Blondes) by [RunAway] NEW coming soon @ Hairology
Necklace: Wish (Fox) by YS&YS NEW @ Christmas on 34th Street
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II Ice (Asia 03 G) by Glam Affair

Location and chair pose: Black Kite

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The snow is dancing

Top: Hyland (Blues) by coldLogic
Scarf: Mako (Snow) by D!va
Jeans: Zipper Skinny (#3) by Maitreya
Boots: Jessica (Rawhide) by NEW coming soon @ Collabor88
Hair: Betty (Moon Stone) by D!va NEW coming soon @ Collabor88
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Bianca (Asia 01 A) by Glam Affair NEW @ Uber
Poses: Winy by Imeka NEW @ The Chapter Four

Location: Frisland

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Don’t leave me this way

Dress: Sophisticate (Neutral) by neve NEW
Hair: Anais by MINA NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Earrings & Necklace: Enchanted by [The Forge] NEW @ Enchantment
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Head: Emily 2.0 (Emotions / Cappuccino Skin) by Genesis NEW RARE Gacha @ Kustom9
Poses by Imeka

Location: StoryBrooke Gardens

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Sun in my morning

Dress: Labelle (Frost) by coldLogic (available as separate top and skirt if you want to mix and match)
Hair: Iona (Long) by Wretch NEW @ Ai Gacha
Earrings. Bracelets & Necklace: Candy by [The Forge] NEW Candy Fair
Sandals (top): Katarina (Colors/Maitreya Medium) by Pure Poison
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Alice Cygana (Asia 03 A) by Glam Affair
Poses: Butterfly Fairy (Pose 9 RARE (top)/Pose 10 RARE (bottom) by Nomore NEW @ Ai Gacha

Location: Everwinter

A homage to one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands, Saint Etienne, and their divine singer Sarah Cracknell (who has a dreamy new solo album out now – go buy!).  I wanted to show that even Everwinter can be a fun place to be on a sunny morning, helped by cutesy new hair from Wretch and floaty butterfly poses from Nomore, both available now at Ai Gacha, and a super sexy mini dress by coldLogic from my inventory.  Hope you like them!

Rachel xxx

Sun in my morning

Artistic license

Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Alice Cygana (Asia 03 C) by Glam Affair
Hair (Artist): The Willow Hair (Hud 1) by Olive
Hair (Model): Snow (Light Blondes) by Truth
Top: Combo – Hyland (Blues) by coldLogic
Pants: Leather Skinny Pants (Black) by Maitreya
Couch, Easel, Brush & Poses: Beauty Art (#01 RARE) by IDK NEW @ Ai Gacha
Table, Rose Cage, Rug: Garden Dreams by [CIRCA] NEW @ Ai Gacha

Bet you didn’t know I was a budding artist, or that I could be in two places at once!  This lovely painting set by IDK is now available at Ai Gacha, as is the rest of the furniture, courtesy of [CIRCA].  I had a look through my posts and realised to my surprise that I hadn’t blogged the lovely hair Rachel the Artist is wearing before.  It’s by Olive and has gorgeous bead decorations that you’ll see in my next instalment!!

Rachel xxx

Shooting the breeze

Dress: Carlson (Blush) by coldLogic NEW
Hair: Finding You (Natural Fusion) by Exile NEW
Body: Lara v3.4 by Maitreya UPDATED
Skin: Amberly Lovely Day (Asia 02 C) by Glam Affair
Pose: Everyday (Pose 3) by oOo Studio Poses NEW FREE for Seraphim 4th Birthday @ Industry

Location (bottom): Black Kite

Back to colour after my brief excursion into black and white!  Exile always make gorgeously feminine hair and this one is no exception.  It’s the latest of their hairs to be available on Marketplace, so may not be brand new but is certainly new to me.  I love the way it flies away – perfect for action shots.  The dress is the new one from coldLogic, as always simple but perfect!  The pose is a new one by oOo that was made available free for the Seraphim 4th birthday celebration this weekend.  Not sure if it’s still available, but if it is – get it!!

Rachel xxx

Shooting the breeze 2

A better day

The promise of a better day...

Top: Anton (Peach) by coldLogic NEW
Skirt: Aubrey (Grey) by coldLogic NEW
Hair: Damaris (Light Blondes) by Truth NEW The Arcade Gacha
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Summer v3 (Asia 03 B) by Glam Affair NEW @ Uber
Lipstick: Strawberry by Izzie’s
Pose (top): VIP002 by !bang
Pose (bottom): Charmy (Pose 3) by Imeka

Location: Alirium

Does anyone do better crafted Second Life clothes than coldLogic?  Not if they have to compete with this stunning new top and skirt that are just completely, utterly adorable, with gorgeous textures and wonderful attention to detail.  They go well with this lovely new hair from Truth, and the whole ensemble is set off by the most beautiful location in Second Life – Alirium!

Rachel xxx

The gift of a better day

There will be no miracles here

There will be no miracles here

Top: Esper (Sandy) by coldLogic NEW
Jumper: Esper Tied Shirt (White/Sky) by coldLogic NEW
Pants: Cropped Pants (Black) by Maitreya
Boots: Laud (Black) by Maitreya
Hair (top): Effie (Blondes) by Truth NEW
Hair (bottom): Bexley (Light Blondes) by Truth
Bracelets: Cannes by YS&YS
Body: Lara v3.3 by Maitreya Update
Pose (bottom): Bunny (Pose 04) by Izzie’s

Location: Pigeon Island

The lovely new coldLogic dress I showed in the last post also comes with a top that you can match with a nice pair of jeans.  These Maitreya pants seemed to fit the bill while I continued my exploration of Pigeon Island.  This really is an amazing sim, with wonderfully detailed textures inventively put together.

Love and peace, Rachel 😍

You can't turn back time