Lingerie: Danielle (Maitreya/Colour via hud) by Jana & Little NEW
Hair: Mallonga (Redheads) by Tableau Vivant NEWish
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Shape: Aya (Lelutka Bento) by BeloD NEW @ eBENTO
Head: Simone v3.0 by Lelutka NEW
Head applier, skin & makeup: Mea (Lelutka/Asia) by Glam Affair NEW @ Collabor88
Eyeshadow: Le Glitter (Catwa) by Alge’s Designs NEW @ eBENTO
Pose: Celena by Signature Pose NEW adjusted with Animare

Love, Rachel ❤️

Bo Peep

Skirt & top: Leticia (Pink/Maitreya) by Sexy Princess NEW
Hair: Sensual (Blondes) by Stealthic NEW @ Collabor88
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Simone v3.0 by Lelutka NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Nicola (Asia/Lelutka) by Glam Affair NEW @ Kustom9
Eyeshadow: MK Le Butterfiles (Lelutka) by Alge’s Designs NEW @ eBENTO
Nails: Exquisite (Maitreya) by NessMarket NEW @ eBENTO
Pose: Winking (Pose 1) by Tuty’s NEWeBENTO with right hand straightened by Animare

Location: Bella Pace

Love, Rachel ❤️


My last word

Harness: Lark (Sapphire/Maitreya) by Sweet Kajira NEW Fetish Fair
Hair: Cafe (Type A) by eXxEsS
Nipple covers: Malena Nipples Swarovski (v1) by .::MVD::.
Tattoo: Essential (Catwa/Maitreya) by Carol G NEWeBENTO
Nail extensions, rings & braceletss: Dyana (Bento) by Codex NEW eBENTO
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Karina (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW
Pose: Winking (Pose 2) by Tuty’s NEWeBENTO with left hand straightened by Animare

Love, Rachel ❤️

Have you behaved yourself?

Dress: Amilna (Maitreya/Colour via hud) by Mowie NEWTres Chic
Hair: Soapy (Naturals) by Imeka NEWKawaii Project
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Tessa (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW Collabor88
Eye applier: Moka (Catwa) by Izzie’s NEW Powder Pack
Eyeshadow: Moka (Catwa) by Izzie’s NEW Powder Pack
Lipstick: Moka (Catwa) by Izzie’s NEW Powder Pack
Pose: Bond Girl (Pose 20) by Tuty’s NEW eBENTO with legs straightened by Animare

I hope I don’t look too stern in this picture, but having said that I hope you’ve been behaving yourself or there will be consequences!!  I love this amazing midi length bodycon dress from Mowie – it’ll look perfect on anyone I think.  It goes really well with the loveliness of the new hair from Imeka, and the new pose from Tuty’s completes the schoolmistress feel!  The makeup is all courtesy of the lovely Izzie as part of this month’s Powder Pack.

Rachel xxx


Off guard

Bikini: Adrianna (Maitreya/Gold) by Blueberry NEW Collabor88
Hair: Hitch-hiker (Redheads) by Tableau Vivant NEW Collabor88
Tattoo: Summer wind (Black/Maitreya) by Nanika NEW RARE Gacha @ The Chapter Four
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Tessa (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW Collabor88
Pose: Cheesin by Signature Pose NEWish with right arm straightened by Animare

Location: Baja Norte

Collected items from the new Collabor88, which started yesterday, are on show today.  First the new skin from Glam Affair that I showed you yesterday, and then this nice flyaway bobcut from Tableau Vivant and super-sexy new bikini from Blueberry.

Rachel xxx

Shadow Puppet

Dress: Breeanya (YExtra1/Sheer/Maitreya) by Blueberry NEW
Hair: Asha (Type A/Colour via hud) by eXxEsS NEW
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya NEW version
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Lucille (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW @ Uber
Pose: 12 Kawaii Models Poses (Pose 6) by My Pretty Mess amended with Animare and Lara v4.1 hud

Even the shadow in this picture shows how gorgeous the new Asha hair from eXxEsS is – quite some achievement!  Each colour option of the beautiful dress from Blueberry is available in three styles, transparent (this one), opaque, and somewhere in between, but don’t worry ladies – they all preseve your modesty.  Both the dress and the hair are available now from their respective mainstores.

Rachel xxx

Peace is just another word for love

Skirt: Grace (Country/Maitreya by GizzA NEW
Top: Rodeo (Paisley/Maitreya by GizzA NEW
Hair: Daryl (Red) by Opale NEWThe Season’s Story
Cap: Daryl (Colour via hud) by fame femme NEWThe Season’s Story  (sold with Opale hair)
Body: Lara v4.0 by Maitreya NEW
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier and skin: Danni (Asia/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW @ Collabor88
Pose: Lovely Hands (Pose 1) by Tutys NEW amended with Animare and Lara v4.0 hud

Location: The Season’s Story

I love this fame femme cap simply for its logo, regardless of how cute it is (and it definitely is cute, with its matching hair by Opale!).  I also feel a little bit country, thanks to the shirt and skirt from GizzA, that you should all now rush to buy at their mainstore!

Rachel xxx

The night garden

Dress & bodysuit: The Bride Gown (White/Maitreya) by Dead Dollz NEWThe Crossroads
Boots: Akira (Maitreya/White) by [The Forge] & Le Fil Casse NEW Gacha  @ The Fantasy Gacha
Headphones: Phonics (Black) by [The Forge] NEW Swagbag item (subscription terminal instore)
Hair: Hair base & add ons (Low pony/Reds/Lelutka) by Tableau Vivant NEWish
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier and skin: Carmilla (Asia/Lelutka) by Glam Affair NEW
Pose: Charmy (Pose 5) by Imeka amended with Animare

Location: Summer Trace

This dress really brightened an otherwise gloomy day yesterday.  It’s a bit pricey, but for your money you effectively get three outfits in one, a sleek bodysuit, a sheer see-through lace gown which can be worn with (or without if you’re feeling especially daring) the bodysuit, and a conventional bridal gown that looks just exquisite.  The boots from the YS&YS Akira gacha look perfect through it.

Rachel xxx

Humble Fairy

Playsuit: Yeesha Babyblue Sweatsuit (Maitreya/Babyblue) by CandyDoll NEW Collabor88
Legwarmers: Mara (Maitreya/Ombre Pale Rose) by CandyDoll NEW Collabor88
Wings: *Wings* (Female/Black) by Le Poppycock
Hair: Cat Rider (Light Blonde) by Lamb NEW Collabor88
BodyLara by Maitreya
Catya v1.05 by Catwa NEW Version
Head Applier & Skin: 
Alexa (Asia #3) by Glam Affair NEW Rare Gacha Kustom9
Pose: Humble Fairy (Pose 2) by Serendipity adjusted with Animare

Location: Winter Trace

I feel lighter than air on this cold stormy morning at the wonderful Winter Trace sim.  I’m indulging in a bit of fairy aerobics with my new playsuit and matching legwarmers from CandyDoll that you can still get at the latest Collabor88, along with the latest delicious hair from Lamb.

Rachel xxx

Take a shot at it

Dress: Romina (Pink/Maitreya) by Addams NEW
Hair: Yerin (Mixed) by [monso]
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Stella v1.6 by Lelutka
Head Applier & Skin: Alyx (Lelutka/America) by Glam Affair NEW
Bridge: Sansa (Winter) by Panavia Fashion NEW Cosmopolitan
Pose & Phone: Falling Leaves Selfie by :darling: NEW Pose Lovers & Friends amended with Animare

Location: Black Kite

I’m delighted and honoured to say that I’ve just been taken on as a blogger by Glam Affair. As you know I’m rarely seen out in polite society in Second Life without something by Glam Affair!  Here’s their new Lelutka applier Alyx that you can get from the mainstore, and it’s so, so lovely.  I’ve paired it with the super sexy new dress from Addams that’s another new mainstore release.  The cute selfie pose is from darling poses and is available at Pose Lovers & Friends.

Rachel xxx