In the meantime

Hair: Gin (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
Bra: Tiffany (Pink Maitreya Applier) by Chocolate Atelier
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya NEW version 
Head: Simone Bento v2.7 by Lelutka NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Paris (Tone 02/Lelutka) by YS&YS NEWeBENTO
Rings: Juno Bento Rings (Maitreya) by Absolut Vendetta NEW @ eBENTO
Nails: Diana Mesh Nails (Colour via hud/Maitreya) by SlackGirl NEW @ eBENTO

Yummy, yummy, yummy! – that’s what I think of the new Paris applier from YS&YS for Lelutka heads that you can get now from eBENTO.  Their tones are so subtle and lifelike, as I’m sure you’ll agree, and just the job for a subtle portrait pose.

Rachel xxx

Stay focused

Lingerie: Xenia (White Maitreya applier) by Chocolate Atelier
Hair: Koma (Blondes) by Argrace NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone Bento v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier and skin: Angelina (America/Lelutka) by Glam Affair NEW @ Collabor88
Eyeshadow & lipstick: Lelutka Bento Makeup by Glam Affair NEW

Location: Winter Trace

I wanted to show off the gorgeous curves of the new Lelutka Bento shape by Izzie’s to their best advantage, but in order not to offend the decency police I had to put on this old bodysuit by Chocolate Atelier.  When I did I realised it probably looks even better like this! Note that the eyeshadow and lipstick, especially designed for the Lelutka Bento head, are now available at the Glam Affair mainstore.

Rachel xxx

Ring a ring o’roses

Bodysuit: Sara (Pink/Maitreya) by Chocolate Atelier
Hair: Koma (Blondes) by Argrace NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Triumph (Fjord) by IKON
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier, skin and blood: Danalu (Tone 02/Lelutka) by YS&YS NEW The Chapter Four
Flowers and Hold Pose: Roses (#14) by Imeka NEW RARE Gacha
Pose: Winy (Pose 6) by Imeka

Location: Fall Trace

I know it’s over a week to Valentine’s Day but I’ve already been given these flowers by an unknown admirer!  They’re available as a gacha at the Imeka mainstore – only 25L a go.  The hair is the new one from Argrace and I totally love the way it falls over my face.  The Lelutka Bento applier is a new one from YS&YS, available at The Chapter Four.  I totally adore the skin tone on their skin appliers – so realistic, and this applier gives a really cute look to the Bento head.

Rachel xxx

Mist rolling in

Lingerie: Thea (White) by Chocolate Atelier
Hair: Jacquelyn (Light Blondes) by enVOGUE NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Catya v1.05 by Catwa NEW Version
Head Applier & Skin: Alexa (Asia) by Glam Affair NEW RARE Gacha Kustom9

Location: Fris’ land

I don’t know whether you can see through the window that the mist is beginning to roll in.  I predict that by Friday, January 20th there will be thick fog over most of the known world, a fog of hate, despair and intolerance, a fog that’s unlikely to lift for the next four years, and maybe, heaven help us, for the next eight years.  Second Life will, I guess, continue to be my escape from despondency – no swamps freshly filled with alligators here!

Rachel xxx


One Way Out

Lingerie: Ines Bra & Panties (Blue) by Chocolate Atelier NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Hair: Ember (Gingers) by Truth NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Annie v4.10 by Catwa
Eyes: Lua (Teary Eyes/Blue) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head Applier & Skin: Kazumi (Catwa/Polar 03) by Glam Affair NEW @ We Love Roleplay
Clock: Wall Clock (Item 15) by YS&YS NEW Gacha 6º Republic

Location: Black Kite

I’m so glad I got a Catwa head, as there’s so much amazing stuff made for it that’s both striking and super, super sexy, like this new offering from Glam Affair that you can get from We Love Roleplay.  The stunning hair is new at Truth’s mainstore and comes in a number of different options that are all equally delightful.

Rachel xxx

Cry Baby

Lingerie: Ines Bra & Panties (Blue) by Chocolate Atelier NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Hair: Polly (Gingers & Reds) by Imeka NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Coffee Cup: Iced Coffee by Imeka NEW FREE Group Gift
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Annie v4.10 by Catwa
Eyes: Lua (Teary Eyes/Hazel) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head Applier & Skin: Momo by Imeka NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden

A lot of lovely Imeka goodies today!  The Imeka gacha set at the Gacha Garden includes a host of different stuff, including some ornaments I showed you last time as well as the silky Polly hair and sweet porcelain skin that you see here.  There’s also a cute new group gift – this spooky iced coffee cup. Enjoy!

Rachel xxx

From on high

Lingerie: Ines Bra & Panties (Blue) by Chocolate Atelier NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Hair & Headphones: Rhythm (Gingers) by Doe NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Annie v4.10 by Catwa
Eyes: Lua (Teary Eyes/Hazel) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head Applier: Milu (Catwa Asia 04) by Glam Affair NEW RARE Gacha The Gacha Garden
Lipstick: Nancy Make-Ups by Glam Affair NEW
Bar, Stool & Pose: 
Iron & Wood by YS&YS NEW Gachas @ The Gacha Garden

Most stuff is the same in today’s exciting instalment of my blog, but there’s one new thing to add to the general Gacha Garden mix, and that’s an industrial bar room set from YS&YS that I’m showing a couple of items from – a metal bar fitting with a matching stool.  The stool has some extremely cute poses, one of which I’m able to show here without any adjustment.

Rachel xxx

After Halloween

Lingerie: Ines Bra & Panties (Blue) by Chocolate Atelier NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Hair & Headphones: Rhythm (Gingers) by Doe NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Head Ornament & Leaves: Sweet Autumn Girl Set by Imeka NEW Gachas The Gacha Garden
Toffee Apple: Candy Apple by Imeka NEW FREE Gift The Gacha Garden
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Annie v4.10 by Catwa
Eyes: Lua (Teary Eyes/Hazel) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head Applier: Milu (Catwa Asia 04) by Glam Affair NEW RARE Gacha The Gacha Garden
Lipstick: Nancy Make-Ups by Glam Affair NEW

Location: Everwinter

I’m winding down from my Halloween party with a whole host of goodies from the new Gacha Garden event, but Everwinter is probably not the best place to be after spending a night being spooked.  The cute lingerie is a typically sweet offering from Chocolate Atelier, as is the autumn leaf-centric gacha set from Imeka.  The striking hair with integral headphones is from Doe and last but not least the luscious new Catwa applier is from Glam Affair.  Go forth and enjoy!

Rachel xxx

Pride comes before a fall

Bra & Panties: Tiffany (Pink Maitreya Applier) by Chocolate Atelier
Hair: Tsumugi (Sandy Blonde) by Argrace
BodyLara by Maitreya
Skin: Amberly II Blue Ice (Asia A) by Glam Affair
Chair & Pose: Sensual Pleasure by Joplino NEW Pose Lovers & Friends

There’s a new round of Pose Lovers & Friends to enjoy and this chair and its associated pose is one of the highlights.  It’s from Joplino and apart from being amazing it allows me to bring out my lovely Tsumugi stunt hair from Argrace!

Rachel xxx

October surprise

Hair: Debra (Gingers) by Truth NEW
Lingerie: Thea (White) by Chocolate Atelier
BodyLara by Maitreya
Skin: Amberly II Blue Ice (Asia C) by Glam Affair
Pumpkin stack: Pumpkin Pyramid (Blue/Classic Lights) by Panavia Fashion NEW Cosmopolitan
Pose: Sits 07 (Pose 1) by Imeka

Location: Black Kite

Very busy in RL at the moment as my Mum is a bit poorly and I’m doing lots of rushing around.  Just time to show you this lovely new hair from Truth that matches the colour of the cute pile of pumpkins from Panavia that you can get from Cosmopolitan!

Rachel xxx



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