Me up here looking at you down there

Bodysuit: Velindra Tunic (White) by [The Forge] NEW We Love Roleplay
Tattoo: Margarita (Black/Dark/Maitreya) by Nanika NEW @ SaNaRae
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s
Head: Simone Bento v2.6 by Lelutka
Head applier & skin: Sey&Mey (Lelutka/Tone 02) by YS&YS NEW @ Powder Pack
Pose: Pose Set 026 (I Give In) by Signature Pose NEW

Location: Pomponne

Hope you like the point of view for this latest shot.  It comes courtesy of another of the new Set 26 poses from Signature Pose – there are always a few quirky ones like this in any Signature set!  The new bodysuit is The Forge’s tasty offering for the new We Love Roleplay event and is matched by the stunning detail on the new YS&YS skin, made available as part of the Powder Pack promotion.

Rachel xxx

Gates of perception

Dress: Belladonna (Sheer/Maitreya/Colour via hud) by Aleutia NEW The Secret Affair
Panties: Stephany by [The Forge]
Hair: Sangria (Type B/Colour via hud) by eXxEsS NEW
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Shape: Catwa Catya Bento (Erin) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier and skin: Natalia (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair
Pose: Perception (Pose 2) by Serendipity

Location: Follow Your Bliss

I found this old Serendipity pose, and its theme of perception seemed to go well with the stunningly revealing new dress from Aleutia that’s available now at The Secret Affair.  I’m also showing off the B variant of the new Sangria hair by eXxEsS – I can’t believe how amazing it is!

Rachel xxx


Meet me in the storeroom after class…

Bodysuit: Zoella (Colour via hud/Maitreya) by [The Forge] NEW Kustom9
Hair: Cheri (Blondes) by DeLa
Tattoo: Death’s Head (Henna/Maitreya) by Nanika NEW Tres Chic
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Shape: Catwa Catya Bento (Erin) by Izzie’s NEWish
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier and skin: Medison (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW Kustom9
Pose: Fall*ing (Pose 1) by Label Motion

Location: Pomponne

…Miss Price wants to give you a bit of extra-curricular tuition!

Another winning bodysuit from The Forge in today’s post, this time one from Kustom9 named (presumably!) after the strangely mad English fashion blogger Zoella.

Rachel xxx

Just winging it!

Hair: Paloma (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
Shiva (Red) by [The Forge] NEW We Love Roleplay
*Wings* (Female/Black) by Le Poppycock
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Eyes: Tokyo Eyes (lights) by Izzie’s NEW coming soon @ Skin Fair (link tba)
Shape: Catwa Catya shape by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier & skin: Erin (Rosy) by Izzie’s NEW coming soon @ Skin Fair
Tattoo: Dewdrop (Black/Maitreya) by Nanika NEW The Crossroads

Location: Skye Neist Point

Another type of shot I’ve not done for a while is a winged angel shot, but the new Shiva bodysuit from The Forge seemed an ideal opportunity to dust off my old Le Poppycock wings, head for Skye Neist Point and do a bit of angelic hovering.  Hope you like!

Rachel xxx

Holding the bridge

Dress & Panties: Stephany by [The Forge] NEWWhimsical
Boots: Diva by [The Forge] NEWWhimsical
Sword: Sword of Tully (Sheath) by [EZ]
Hair: Breeze (Redheads) by Tableau Vivant
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Colette (Catwa America) by Glam Affair NEWEnchantment

LocationSkye Neist Point

Rachel the Warrior Princess returns!!  Here I am, the last line of defence holding the bridge at Skye Neist Point.  Hope you like the cool dress and boots from The Forge that make me look cute and fierce at the same time.  It was beautiful as well to rediscover this old hair from Tableau Vivant which I blogged way back in the early days.  It’s been too long!

Rachel xxx

Candy break

Parka: Cristina Military Parka Jacket (#38/Maitreya) by Addams NEW
Panties: Stephany by [The Forge] NEWWhimsical (full outfit in next post)
Hair: Hair base & add ons (Side pony & locks/Reds/Lelutka) by Tableau Vivant NEWish
Candy: Heart lollipop by Imeka NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Toko Eyes (Catwa applier) by Izzie’s NEW
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Colette (Catwa America) by Glam Affair NEWEnchantment

LocationSkye Neist Point

Here I am in Skye Neist Point trying to keep warm before my next proper fashion shot (which you can see in my next post).  The sweet little heart lollipop from Imeka is definitely helping!

Rachel xxx

I remember Paris

Dress: Cinderelle (Water/Maitreya) by Junbug NEW @ Enchantment
Crown & necklace: Autumn (Silver) by [The Forge]
Hair: Xiola (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & akin: Colette (Catwa America) by Glam Affair NEWEnchantment

Location: Paris Je T’Aime

I’m afraid Cinderella is late to the ball and there’s no sign of those mice and their carriage.   Looks like I’ll have to pick up my skirts and walk!  This is a seriously beautiful satin ballgown from Junbug that you can still get for a few days more from the Enchantment event.  If you’ve got any sense you’ll go and buy it!!

Rachel xxx

Is that you?

Playsuit: Cassey (White) by [The Forge] NEW @ Kustom9
Hair: Mitsuha (Reds) by [monso] NEW @ Kustom9
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Cindy (Catwa Bento) by Nanika NEW

Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Zoella (Catwa/America #3) by Glam Affair NEW RARE Gacha Tres Chic
Pose: Portrait (Pose 4) by Glitter Poses

Location: Summer Trace

Another stunning round of Kustom9 is upon us and here are two early highlights, a cute little playsuit from The Forge (I love the low cut with my new boobs and the frilly border!), and another winner of a hair from Monso.  In my last post I should have also have mentioned the new Zoella skin from Glam Affair which really is so cute, especially when paired with the new Bento shape from Nanika (the source of my new improved boobs!).

Rachel xxx

The night garden

Dress & bodysuit: The Bride Gown (White/Maitreya) by Dead Dollz NEWThe Crossroads
Boots: Akira (Maitreya/White) by [The Forge] & Le Fil Casse NEW Gacha  @ The Fantasy Gacha
Headphones: Phonics (Black) by [The Forge] NEW Swagbag item (subscription terminal instore)
Hair: Hair base & add ons (Low pony/Reds/Lelutka) by Tableau Vivant NEWish
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier and skin: Carmilla (Asia/Lelutka) by Glam Affair NEW
Pose: Charmy (Pose 5) by Imeka amended with Animare

Location: Summer Trace

This dress really brightened an otherwise gloomy day yesterday.  It’s a bit pricey, but for your money you effectively get three outfits in one, a sleek bodysuit, a sheer see-through lace gown which can be worn with (or without if you’re feeling especially daring) the bodysuit, and a conventional bridal gown that looks just exquisite.  The boots from the YS&YS Akira gacha look perfect through it.

Rachel xxx

Blood sacrifice

Bra & Collar: Bethany (White/Maitreya) by [The Forge] NEW Gachas The Gacha Garden
Hair: Margarita (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Triumph (Fjord) by IKON
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier, skin and blood: Immortal (Lelutka) by YS&YS NEWWe Love Roleplay
Pose: Rebeca (Pose 2) by Label Motion

LocationSkye Neist Point

Sadly, they eventually caught up with me and it looks like I’ve been turned.  Don’t come anywhere near me with your skin exposed in the neck region! 😱  The gorgeously textured vampire effect comes from a new Lelutka Bento head applier from YS&YS.  It matches the bra from the Bethany set that I showed you a couple of days ago perfectly.

Rachel xxx


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