Safe Smoking

Top: Bratt (Peachy) by coldLogic
Hair: Hinata (Reds) by Argrace NEW
Body: Lara v3.0 by Maitreya UPDATE
 Edith (Tone02 / 07 Club / Red Eyebrows & Lips) by YS&YS NEW
Open Mouth Tattoo (Tempting) by ATIA
Laika (Large) by POST: 

First off, smoking is a nasty, dangerous habit – I’ve never smoked in real life and never will.  However, countless films from the 40s and 50s show that it can look cool and sexy and in Second Life you can be Lauren Bacall with no danger at all to your health!

What I really wanted to show here though was more of the lovely HInata hair from Argace and Edith skin from *YS&YS*.  They go really well with an old sweater by coldLogic from my inventory to create a lovely dark atmosphere.  Hope you like!

Love and peace, Rachel 😍


Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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