Silver linings

Dress & Jumper: Wool one-piece w/sweater by Eaters Coma NEW @ Uber
Hair: Xy (Readheads1) by Tableau Vivant NEW @ The Arcade Gacha
Skin: December (Asia 04 C) by Glam Affair NEWThe Arcade Gacha
Balloons: Soiree Pastel Balloons by Tres Blah NEW @ The Arcade Gacha
Earmuff: Teddy/Black Kitty by Tableau Vivant NEWThe Arcade Gacha
Cloud & Snow Effect: Winter Whimsy – Cloud of Eternal Snow by +Half-Deer+ NEW @ The Arcade Gacha
Poses by {Imeka}

Location: Home

I finally made it into the new Arcade Gacha event at about the 9 millionth attempt!! It was worth it though, not least for this gorgeous hair from Tableau Vivant which is evidence yet again that they really know their redheads :). The earmuffs come from them as well and are totally adorable, and I picked up a couple more props from Half-Deer and Tres Blah that are both really cute. The skin is the December offering from Glam Affair and I was so lucky in that I got just the one I wanted from the gacha!! The dress is from the Uber event also running at the moment and is from a designer I haven’t come across before, Eaters Coma. I hope I see more from though because this dress with jumper is completely stunning, a real ‘wish I could wear this in Real Life’ dress.

I’ll be back for more stuff the Arcade Gacha (if I can get in again, that is, and if I can actually move when I get in there!), particularly some boots that I was looking for but couldn’t find 😦

L&K Rachel ❤️

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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